Monday, 19 January 2009

In my new studio, just!

So 11 days since I last posted and I've not really accomplished as much as I'd hoped. Well I've moved back into my own studio / office for the most part. I'm sharing with a multitude of other furniture that's been moved out of other renovation zoned areas. I have to say it's the last leg of all our renovations, thankfully as they started Oct 07.

So I've also made a start on my new photos and have just listed a few of my new creations to my etsy shop, here's a peek at some.

Belinda x

Thursday, 8 January 2009

I love to take photos....... not!

Well after seeing a thread on asking if I had blogged today I've been guilted into coming here to chat about my latest adventures. Really it's only my 3rd day into blogging, they say it takes 21 days to create a habit.... mmmm that is obviously a physical doing habit.

So photos, we all hate taking them, especially jewellery pics and more so this time of year as most of us rely on the natural daylight. My photos are a neverending improvement process and that's not been helped by me having been moved about the house while rooms are being renovated. I have it on good authority (my very handy hubby who is doing all the work to our home) that I will be back in my studio / office by Sunday evening and for good. Yah, I am excited.

I have decided that I will build a light box area and redo all my pics. I have been purusing Craft Obsessions for some nice cardstock to use as a background, I already have a decent macro camera. Last things on my list are a frosted bin / bucket to diffuse the light and just 1 more lamp as I have 1 good one. I've read a few good articles today on photographing jewellery, here's a good one on the macro feature:

As soon as I have redone my pictures I will show some examples and offer some tips.


Wednesday, 7 January 2009


It's about time I started blogging, it's not like I'm a technophobe I love my PC. I started on Twitter a few weeks back because I thought it would be better for me. Only being 140 characters I thought to myself, surely I can manage that. As it turns out I got frustrated with it and realised I have more to say and need more than 140 characters so here I am blogging. I will definately stick with Twitter but it's not an alternative to blogging but more compliment to it.

I started selling my jewels on Etsy in October then followed that with stores on Folksy, Misi & Coriandr. I like all stores, the latter 3 are UK based so in GBP which Etsy can't offer us yet. I also have my own domain name which I need to update, currently just has the holding page, tsk... another thing to the 'to do list'. I spent the Xmas break creating, it was lovely and I have about 40 new pieces to list, just need to get photographing but I will post a few previews soon.